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Winterbourne View new report

Time for Change: The Challenge Ahead

May 2016 will mark the 5th anniversary of the Panorama programme which exposed abuse and neglect at Winterbourne View Hospital.

The new report calls on the government to appoint a Learning Disabilities Commissioner and says that the challenges of reforming support for the vulnerable are larger than first thought.

Commenting on the new report Sir Stephen Bubb said:

“I am calling for an office of a Learning Disabilities Commissioner to be established. Just as a Children’s Commissioner was established following the Victoria Climbie Inquiry, there is a firm argument for establishing this post. It would have a statutory duty to promote and protect the rights of all people with learning disabilities and their families.”

“I have spoken directly to people whose experience of these services goes back far beyond 2011 and Winterbourne View. So this report expresses the views and experiences of the people most affected by change. I am still shocked by the way we as a society have condoned poor or abusive treatment of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Get the Report
A full and an Easy Read version the Time for Change: The Challenge Ahead report are from the ACEVO website.

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