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Land Securities link up with Mencap

Land Securities has chosen Mencap and their sister charity Enable Scotland to be its official charity partner for 2014. This new partnership is great news for learning disability and will help increase awareness and funds for learning disability issues.

To launch the partnership, eight events involving some of Mencap’s celebrity ambassadors were held on Friday 25 April at Land Securities centres across the UK, including both Trinity Leeds and White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds.

At the heart of the campaign will be Mencap’s Young Ambassadors: people between the age of 16 and 25 who have a learning disability and use their various talents and life experiences to help break down pre-conceptions of learning disability.

In partnership with Mencap, Land Securities hopes to raise enough money to support and train 100 young ambassadors over the coming year.

Land Securities also sponsored the Tenfold Awards in 2014, and we continue to work with them.

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