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Help Nourishing People – Give Your Views

Nourishing People is a new natural snacks social enterprise promoting learning and employment for people with disabilities – launching soon!

The idea is being developed by, Tenfold member, People Matters CIC an organisation supporting people with learning disabilities. They are doing some market research for their new social enterprise: Nourishing People.

Give Your Views

What snacks appeal to you and which don’t?

Please help by completing a short survey to share your views and help make the new venture right.

The quick survey is at

It takes under 5 mins to do.

Please share with your contacts too so as much feedback can be collected as possible. Thank you very much for your help 🙂

Why is this important?
In Leeds people with hidden disabilities find it very difficult to find work. Only 7.5% of those with learning disabilites work. For those on the autistic spectrum its thought to be around 15%.

National programmes aren’t as yet seeing the success needed in Leeds. At People Matters are member led and people want to help themselves, learn and gain experience for their CV and then be supported to find employment elsewhere. This social enterprise needs to be something big for Leeds, our goal is to support 200 people by 2020, more if possible.

Want to get involved?
People Matters is collecting contact details of people and organisations who want to do more. Could you be involved in a focus group or maybe your work place could be a pilot sales site (this doesn’t involve any financial commitment). Interested – Let them know at the end of the survey.

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