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Easy News

Easy News is published monthly and there are occasional special editions.

The latest and past editions are available from the United Response website

About Easy News
Easy News is the first newspaper to be created specifically for people with learning disabilities.

The paper includes news stories which have been translated into an “easy read” format by United Response consultants and people with learning disabilities employed by the charity and Tenfold member United Response.

The first edition of Easy News, published in January, has a summary of some of the biggest news stories from 2012, for example the Queen’s Jubilee and the Winterbourne View scandal and the Paralympic Games. Future editions will focus on current and topical issues.

Easy News will be published every two months and is available in print and online. An audio version will also be available on CD.

To download or request copies of the paper visit the United Response website.

Read More
The Guardian published a feature about the Easy Read Newspaper on 23 January 2013 ”A newspaper for people with learning disabilities was a lightbulb moment

“Easy News is a project I am proud of because accessible news is vital to full participation in society, says Kaliya Franklin”

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