Tenfold Member Profiles

Our members do some fantastic work and here you can find out more about what some of them do.

Almost 100 organisations are Tenfold members. Each organisation provides important and valued services, activities and support for people with learning disabilities.

The work they do improves the lives of people with learning disabilities in Leeds and beyond. What they achieve is delivered on limited budgets and with small numbers of people, but the difference they make is massive. We want you to know more about what they do.

The Member Profiles you see here explain more about what our members do, how they work, what they enjoy and the challenges that they face. By explaining more about the work that members are doing we hope that this will be a good way of inspiring collaborative working.

Calling Tenfold members!
We want to visit as many members as possible to find out more about the work you do and get to know you. However, if you want to fill in the pro-forma below to tell us about your organisation and send us some photos then this can be included in your member profile.

Complete YOUR profile
To let us know about your organisation please download and return the Member Profile Pro-forma below.