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Market Position Statement 2015-2018

Published by Leeds Adult Social Care, the Market Position Statement (MPS) is designed to communicate information about how the social care market is expected to change and develop over time.

It is not a strategy document, but one of the ways in which to stimulate conversation between commissioners and providers of social care services (both existing and future) about developing services and responding to the market.

The purpose is to give clear messages about what Leeds Adult Social Care intend to commission or consider decommissioning and why.

The MPS is a live document that will be updated as plans evolve or change. For example, when there is more information on the implications of budget statements and spending reviews for local government the finance section will be reviewed accordingly and Leeds City Council will inform about what has changed.

If you have any feedback or questions about the document contact or one of the named contacts in the document if you are interested in a specific area.

Download a copy below.