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Adult Safeguarding Savile Learning Pack

The Leeds Adult Safeguarding Board have developed a Learning Pack to help organisations and individuals to learn the significant lessons from all the inquiries that have taken place since Jimmy Savile’s death and the disclosure of the abuse that he had perpetrated.

The Leeds Safeguarding Board has designed the Learning Pack with the intention it should be shared across the city because the lessons learned in the Savile inquiries translate across all organisations who work with vulnerable adults.

Key lessons are around:
• Access
• Enabling people to speak up
• Complaints and advocacy protocols

The checklists in the pack do not need to be completed or submitted to the Safeguarding Board rather they are a means by which people and organisations can self-assess. However, should the process throw up any issues or questions then please don’t hesitate to contact the Board

The Savile Learning Pack is available to download below.