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Consultation: Work, health and disability, Improving Lives

What will transform employment prospects for disabled people and people living with long-term conditions?

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Department of Health want your views. They are consulting now.

The .gov website has copies of the Green Paper Work, health and disability green paper: improving lives available to download

The Department of Health website is hosting the consultation, it closes on 17 February 2017.

Responding for the Third Sector in Leeds
Forum Central is intending respond to the consultation, and we would be grateful for your views or information on the points below. Gill Crawshaw at Volition is coordinating a response, so if you have views to contribute please email them to Gill at by the end of January at the latest.

The Government need to understand why disabled people and people with health conditions might be unable to get a job or keep one, and to recognise the wide range of conditions and circumstances they face. They want to hear from:

  • people with health conditions and disabled people
  • both large and small employers
  • employability professionals
  • health and care professionals
  • families, friends, teachers and carers
  • local leaders and commissioners in health, social care and local authorities
  • voluntary and community organisations

What is your experience?
Third Sector organisations are often at the sharp edge of dealing with the negative effects of the government’s welfare reforms, so any comments that draw on your experience are welcomed.

  • What lessons can be learned?
  • How can trust in the system be built up?
  • What ideas do you have for a fairer system and equal employment opportunities for disabled people?

The government sees the third sector as key partners in delivering the changes set out in the green paper, for example delivering services and support to help people return to work.

The green paper states, “Our goal is to extend the reach of Jobcentre Plus into third sector groups which are already well established”. The third sector is seen as ideally placed to provide mentoring and peer support activities, such as job clubs.

  • What do you think of this?
  • What do you think the third sector’s role should be in supporting people into employment?
  • What innovative and evidence-based support are you already delivering to improve health and employment outcomes for people in your community which you think could be replicated at scale?

The government recognises that the Work Capability Assessment needs to change. Questions being asked include:

  • Should the assessment for financial support an individual receives from the system be separate from the discussion a claimant has about employment or health support?
  • And: how can we ensure that each claimant is matched to a personalised and tailored employment-related support offer?
  • Any other comments on improving the Work Capability Assessment.
  • Support for employers
  • What are the barriers preventing third sector employers recruiting and retaining the talent of disabled people and people with health conditions?
  • What measures would best support employers to recruit and retain disabled people and people with health conditions?
  • Should there be a different approach for different sized organisations and different sectors?
  • How can government support be reformed to better support recruitment and retention of disabled people and people with health conditions?
  • What can you share from your experiences?


To respond directly to the consultation



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