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VCSE Review of Health and Social Care

Joint review of investment in Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations in health and care sector.

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The VCSE Review wants to hear from people and organisations from across England who are involved in improving health, well-being and social care. They want to find out more about people’s experiences and to gather evidence of the contribution the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector makes. (links to consultation below)

In January 2015 VCSE Review started a year-long review of partnerships and investment in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. The purpose of VCSE Review is to:

  • Describe the role of the VCSE sector in contributing to improving health, wellbeing and care outcomes
  • Identify and describe challenges and opportunities to realising the potential of the sector to contribute to these outcomes
  • Consult on options for policy and practice changes to address challenges and maximise opportunities, then develop final recommendations

Interim Report
In March 2015 the VCSE Review Interim Report (.pdf, 78 pages) was published with their findings to date and highlighting a number of areas for further consideration. The next stage in the review process is to gather views about the challenges identified and options suggested in the interim report.

In the report, VCSE Review set out their understanding of the issues and make some suggestions for improvement. They are now interested in hearing whether or not they have properly understood the issues, or if there’s anything that has been missed. They are also interested in hearing about any relevant evidence or examples of good practice that you are aware of.

The Review covers such a broad subject, there are many different areas being considered and not all of these will be relevant to all organisations / individuals. Please therefore only complete the sections in this that are relevant to you and skip any that you wish to.

Consultations Now Open

Two consultations feeding into the review process are now open until 6 November 2015.

1: Challenges for Investment and Partnerships
This survey asks for views from the voluntary sector and from those working in health and social care on the current state of investment, partnership working, and how closer collaboration could be fostered.
Complete the Challenges for Investment and Partnerships Survey

2: Investment Programme
This survey asks for views on the role and effectiveness of the government’s current ‘Voluntary Sector Investment Programme’ suite of grants. The audience for this is more limited. However, it is open to anyone to respond if you have a view on this programme and how it can be improved.
Complete the Investment Programme Survey

From January to March 2015, VCSE Review held a series of engagement events with the VCSE sector. The evidence gathered has been published in the VCSE Review Interim Report.

From August to early November 2015 options are being road tested and developed, and engagement is being sought with a wider audience including public sector organisations, cross-sector partnerships and academic departments. This combined evidence will feed directly into the recommendations due for publication in early 2016.

Commissioned by the Department of Health, NHS England, and Public Health England, the VCSE Review is overseen by its advisory group of representatives including those from the voluntary sector.

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