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Are you using the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care?

The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) is the leading source of workforce intelligence for adult social care. It is managed by Skills for Care.

The NMDS-SC provides information on the size and scope of the whole adult social care sector

  • Types of care services that are provided
  • How much care provision there is
  • A detailed picture of the workforce

The NMDS-SC currently holds information on approximately 25,000 organisations and 700,000 workers.

It collects detailed information online about social care service providers and their employees.

Why used NMDS-SC
The NMDS-SC provides much needed information for national and local level workforce planning and future forecasting, with benefits for all employees and stakeholders including your organisation.

The information is used by government and strategic bodies such as the Department of Health and local authorities to help with policy planning about the social care sector.

If you are not part of the NMDS-SC your services and your workers are not counted!

If your organisation provides social care services register and create your own online account to contribute and be part of the NMDS-SC.

Register for the NMDS-SC here

Once registered you maintain and access your information online via the NMDS-SC website.

The dashboards have been developed with lots of input from employers in the sector to make your data really accessible to you.

For updates follow on Twitter @sfc_nmds_sc

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