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Urban Impact Programme

Research capacity available that informs focus or evidences impact in your Third Sector organisation.

The TYPE of RESEARCH that can be done is pretty broad and the FOCUS of the RESEARCH is fairly flexible.

It has to involve individuals or communities in Leeds and it has to be a contemporary study; something that is happening now, not a desk based piece of research in to things that have happened in the past.

The objective is that it will help your organisation shape future focus and actions.

The research/work must be CONDUCTED between FEBRUARY and APRIL 2017 and will be carried out by Year 2 Sociology in Action students at the University of Leeds, with support from Graduate trainees working for Leeds City Council.

They will be able to offer a minimum of 50 hours work with your organisation.

The focus of the research is up to you. Together with the students, the LCC Graduate and colleagues from the University of Leeds and the Council, you will work out what type of research will be appropriate to deliver what you need and want.

You will need to register your interest in this opportunity by 14 November. Register your Interest by sending an email to Amelia Gunn: a couple of lines saying what you want to do is all that is required at this point.

If you have any queries contact Amelia or Pat Fairfax:

It may be that you or other organisations come up with ideas for research which don’t fit with this programme, but we are working with colleagues at the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett through the Leeds Academic Collaboration with the Third Sector, who have offered to pass ideas and proposals on to other more appropriate colleagues and programmes where these can be identified.


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