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Call for Evidence – Health and Care services in Leeds

Can you help us to show that the Third Sector provides services and support that reduce the need for acute care?

Lucy Jessop, a postgraduate student at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Sociological Studies, is currently on an internship with Forum Central to carry out research with the objective of showcasing the range health and care services provided by third sector organisations in Leeds.
Please send any information to support the research to or send it by post to:
Lucy Jessop, Forum Central, Joseph’s Well, Suite C24, Hanover Walk, Leeds LS3 1AB.

If you are interested in being profiled as a case study, and would like further information, please  get in touch at the email above. We will be happy to set up a phone call or a meeting to discuss how you can take part. Deadline: Please ensure that all submissions are made no later than Friday 24 March.

About the research
In the context of current health reforms, what is the role of third sector organisations in providing high-quality, cost-efficient services that reduce the need for acute care? We are seeking information from you, the experts in the provision of such services.
It is our aim is to produce a piece of in-depth research that collates and showcases the provision of health and care services by third sector organisations in Leeds. Specifically, the research will seek to demonstrate that there are well-evidenced benefits in commissioning third sector organisations to deliver such services, both in terms of cost-efficiency and the quality of service provision. Case studies, highlighting good practice in Leeds, will be situated within a broader review of evidence, drawn from local, national and international sources.
What you can do
We are looking for any information that you are willing to provide about the provision of such services in Leeds. If you are currently delivering a service that clearly has a demonstrable impact on the need for acute care, we would like to hear from you. Be profiled as a case study, or simply help us build a better picture of what Leeds offers in this area. We will be happy to receive this information in a variety of formats: reports, evaluations, project outlines, films, and any other you consider to be appropriate.
The research undertaken by Forum Central will be used to prove the benefit of commissioning third sector organisations to provide health and care services. The research will therefore form an integral base for strategic meetings with health partners – such as Clinical Commissioning Groups – and will serve to both profile the sector and ensure that good practice is recognised. As the research will be made publicly available, it can also be used as a strategic tool in the preparation of your own funding applications.

What next?
The research is due to be completed by the end of June 2017. The outcomes will initially be shared at a Health Leaders Network meeting, with the full report becoming available shortly after.

Thanks for your help – Lucy Jessop

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