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Are you ready for the Accessible Information Standard?

A new legal duty

From 1 April 2016 the Accessible Information Standard becomes a legal duty.

What is the Accessible information Standard?
The Accessible Information Standard aims to make sure that disabled people have access to information that they can understand and any communication support they might need.

The standard asks that organisations make information accessible to the following people:

  • Patients
  • Service users
  • Their carers and parents

What is required?

There are five basic steps:

  1. Ask: identify/find out if an individual has any communication needs relating to a disability or sensory loss
  2. Record: record these communication needs in a clear and standardised way
  3. Highlight: ensure that recorded needs are highly visible whenever an individuals records are accessed
  4. Share: include information about individuals information/communication needs as part of existing data sharing processes
  5. Act: take steps to ensure that individuals receive information which they can access and understand and/ or the support they need

Who does it apply to? The standard applies to service providers across the NHS, Adult Social Care and publicly funded Adult Social Care providers. Commissioners must also ensure that contracts, frameworks and performance management arrangements with providers enable them to meet requirements.

By when? By the 1 April 2016 organisation must have made the necessary changes and be able to routinely identify and record the information and communication needs. By the 31 July 2016 full implementation of the standard is required.

Find Out More
For more information you can attend one of Leeds Adult Social Care’s briefing sessions on either:

15 March |  3pm – 4pm at Hillside in Beeston or

13 April | 10.30am – 11.30am at Pudsey Civic Hall.

To book a place and further information please call 0113 395 2822.

The NHS England website has further details about the Accessible Information Standard

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