Leeds Federated Housing Association

Julie Johnsen, Service Manager Learning Disability Services, tells us a bit about Leeds Federated Housing Association.

Describe Leeds Federated Housing Association in a paragraph.

Leeds Federated is a ‘people’ organisation. Our role is to support people, primarily through the provision of housing, but also through a range of other support mechanisms.

The Association works to make the places people live become places they want to stay, and places other people will want to move to. The Supported Housing Department is responsible for providing support and care services to our vulnerable customers, both to Leeds Federated tenants and to people living in other types of accommodation.

We directly provide support through our own services to over 750 people at any one time, mostly in Leeds but also in North Yorkshire and Wakefield. We also have partnerships with other supported housing agencies that manage Leeds Federated properties on our behalf, providing support and care to people.

In total, we help to support over 1100 people across West and North Yorkshire.

Mission Statement
“Leeds Federated Supported Housing services exist to promote support and accommodation for vulnerable adults. Our services provide choice, encourage independence, improve quality of life and promote equality of opportunity and value diversity”

What is the background to the organisation?

Leeds Federated was formed in 1974 by a number of smaller associations coming together to form a ‘federation’ for the benefit of the community.

The idea was that by working together they could achieve more than being separate organisations. That philosophy has prevailed throughout Leeds Federated’s history, with partnerships and joint working arrangements being a common feature of our operations over the years.

Our 4,000 homes are roughly half pre-1919 stock, and half new build. Most of our homes are in Leeds, but through the 1990s the Association started developing outside Leeds and now has around 400 homes in Harrogate and 100 in Wakefield.

What services do you deliver?

  • Positive Pathways, for people with mental health problems in Leeds
  • PhysAbility, for people who have a physical impairment
  • LEAP, emergency accommodation and support service for homeless families and individuals in Leeds
  • North Yorkshire Young People’s Hub, accommodation and support for homeless young people in Harrogate & Knaresborough
  • Retirement Housing, housing for older people and support for older people in their own homes
  • Learning Disability Services, accommodation and support for people with learning disabilities

Who is on the team? (staff and volunteers)

Mathew Walker | Chief Executive

Gail Monnickendam | Deputy Chief Executive

Stephen Blundell | Director of Housing & Customer Service

Jill Hellings | Company Secretary

As well as around 150 members of staff, not including the relief staff.

What is the best thing about your job?
My job allows me to create change and improve tenant outcomes.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?
1. Finding the right people
2. Building the right culture

If you had a super-power what would it be and why?
I’ll go with temporal control. The ability to control the movement of time. To go forward, backward, stop it or even form time loops like in the movie ground hog day. But to be in control of them. I would have all the time I need to get things done and enjoy my off time to the fullest!!


November 2014